Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Maybe I...

This is a song I wrote quite some time ago. It was written out of one of the hardest times in my life, but God definitely used that time to teach me some quite dynamic life lessons. Once I get the music recorded, I might get brave and put it up as an audio post.

Maybe I’m lonely
When I look into the sky
Am I all together?
Maybe I’m barely getting by

But I can’t escape it
No matter how far I run, how hard I fall
I won’t escape it
This beating of my heart
I’m still alive

Maybe I’m honest
When I see the truth behind the lie
Maybe I realize
Just how far from home I’ve been

Could I hear Your voice
If You were calling out to me
Would I come running
Into Your embrace

No, I won’t escape You
No matter how far I run, how hard I fall
You’re closer than my skin
You’re where I am
And I’m still alive

Maybe tomorrow
Is a new beginning
Every sunrise
I’ll learn to breathe You in

5-30-06 (revised)

(c) 2006 Rachel Wegner


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