Monday, June 19, 2006

Imagine with me...

The stage was lit with a muted blue and a slight haze hung over the crowd. I sat with my side to the audience, resting my hands on the keys and breathing in deeply. I looked into the darkness of the back stage, silently offering a prayer. I exhaled and played the first notes of a broken chord. C minor.

It was such a versatile that could be made so intensely beautiful, capturing the deepest of reflections. Yet it was also used for classical, pop, rock, latin and even metal songs. But not tonight. Tonight, it was quiet, pensive, worshipful.

As I played, each note filled the room with its beauty. And in that moment, it became so much more than just music, so much more than air vibrating at certain frequencies. It became a thought, a story, a conversation with God. He was there, enveloping the atmosphere with His peace. Though my hands were moving, I felt perfectly still.

Gradually, more instruments came in. The guitarist was playing one note at a time with an e-bow. It was almost as if it were the voice of an angel, the kind of sound that penetrates into the human heart, dismissing all distraction. The drums began to softly play a snare, just toms. And from there, it built. The song rose, and so did our hearts.

It was as if we were about to burst, compelled to respond to a God beyond expression. No words, just the song, surrounding us and carrying us nearer to the One we worshipped. The lines between the band and the audience blurred. We were all children. We were all His. And He was very present, beckoning us closer, further, deeper...

And I realized...this is why I live.


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