Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Veil of Assumption

She sat against the concrete wall, holding a small plastic cup. The parking lot was mostly unlit, a stark contrast to the warmly lit inside of the Starbucks it faced. As we pulled in, I made a comment about the "shady" nature of the lot. To my regret, the woman was included in my thoughts as I commented. I felt a pang of uncomfortable anticipation for the moment my path would cross hers. What was it that made me not want to be near her? But all at once, something inside of me (or more so...all around me) began to change my heart.

I nodded kindly at her as we approached, the door just a few feet away. She asked if we had any change. I was a few steps past her as she spoke, but suddenly, my heart was overwhelmed with compassion. I knew a dollar would make the biggest difference to her. I turned around and put it in her cup and my friend gave her a handful of coins as well. "God bless you," she said to us. "God bless you, too," I said as I walked away. My mind was racing, trying to process what had just happened inside of me.

The spirit of God works far faster than the human mind could even begin to fathom, so it consequently left me reeling. I'm still not fully caught up with what happened to me. In just the course of mere minutes (I'm finding minutes can make a very big difference in life these days), love won the battle that ensued inside of me.

And the best part of all is that it makes me want to do it again...not for my own gain, but to bring more into this Kingdom that I am already a part of. To step beyond what I'm comfortable with, to stop using my cautious nature as an excuse, to drop the veil of assumption...and to be open to where God wants me to stand. If we are the body...why aren't His hands reaching?

We're all human, fallen, broken, twisted, imperfect. I need Him just as desperately as that woman in the parking lot, just as much as the preacher with the fancy pin-striped suits and the shiny BMW.

Excuse me for being cliche, but we all have a hole that can only be filled by the love we receive from God. But this love isn't meant to be kept up inside of us. There is so much more to being Christ-like than our relationship just with Him. This love, this truth, this's meant to be spread. Then, and only then, does love take on its truest form.


Blogger Loren said...

that's a great story, the hard part is that giving money(at least for me) is the easiest thing to do, it's whats next in line that scares me, giving my time, my talents and ultimetly my hard to pursue the american dream in the Kingdom...

5:26 PM  
Blogger Eric said...

I found your blog through your comment on The Longbrake and read this entry. Awesome to hear someone else feeling and yearning for the same thing as so many of us do. I know I do at least. Thanks for sharing and making me think.

2:36 PM  

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