Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Through a series of unexpected events...I will be jumping out of a plane on September 15.

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I was at Fight Night and I won a door prize. Free skydiving for 2. I was quite surprised, but I'm really excited for the opporunity.

And you're talking to the girl who gets shook up during a trust fall. But for some reason, diving headlong into 10,000 feet of space seems so much more doable than falling backward from 5 feet up. At least this time I will have an instructor harnessed to my back. And my roommate and her sister will be jumping right after me.

It's rather significant to me, in truth. It represents a time in my life where I really don't know what's going to happen next. You could say it's out of my hands. I have no true control over where I'll land. Of course I can struggle and try to steer myself, but really I'm at the mercy of something greater than me.

I'm leaving a lot on the deck of that plane. And I'll yell and cry and laugh the whole way down, I'm sure.

Here goes everything.


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Hey. Hope school is good.


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