Wednesday, October 18, 2006


These well-worn wooden floors remind me of a time when life seemed simpler, my thoughts diverted by things like swimming and fishing and playing hide-and-seek with my cousin and the neighbor boys. Every thing was a potential adventure. While any passing adult might have seen a pile of pine branches that had been cut down, we saw a mountain to be conquered and an imaginary scene to be enacted. They saw a dug out foundation for a new house, we saw a hiding place or a stellar bike jump. They saw an alley filled with gravel, we saw buried treasure underneath the surface. They saw a pathway lined with bricks, we saw places to find nightcrawlers for our tackle boxes.
And I ask myself if I have lost my child-like view of the world. The factors of adventure (and danger) have never left, but my acknowledgement of them comes and goes. I write it off because I've somehow "matured" past the point where it is allowable to laugh (perhaps a little too loudly) at something small, or to dig a hole in the ground because I have a hunch that there is something valuable buried there. Something inside of me in my seemingly adult existence draws back, appalled at the thought of how others might react.
So, slowly but surely, I've embraced new adventures and searched out new perspectives. I've taken risks and gone out on limbs. Case in point...I jumped out of an airplane. But most of all, I've sought out a confidence that comes from the God who never ceases to pursue me. One day at a time, I am learning what it means to live and move and have my being in Him.
Now all that's left is to ask one thing: what happens next?


Blogger Josh Cassidy said...

hey rachel,

thanks for the encouraging comments! if you don't mind, tell all your friends, as i am trying to generate some traffic to my site. hope you're doing well in the ok.

8:34 AM  
Blogger Susan Dennis said...

rachel, i'm a stranger from alabama, but i read your article on the relevant website and your blog - loved it! God blessed my heart tremendously through your writing! you are very talented - i can see Father's creative fingerprint on you! keep at it, girlie!

8:53 AM  

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