Saturday, January 20, 2007

Remembrance [part 1]

The news was numbing. The tears came so quickly that she couldn't fight them this time. An embrace did little to stem the tide...but she didn't turn it away. Her mind raced with questions. Fear threatened to overwhelm her. A weight began to settle in her chest. She felt Him near to her, whispering against the current of thoughts. It was enough for her to just keep breathing.

His voice sounded hollow on the phone. She never knew desperation had a sound. He didn't make much sense. Words didn't come easily, but her compassion overflowed. All she could think about was getting home. She felt everlasting arms upholding her. It was enough to just keep breathing.

The family seemed to shuffle through mundane motions. How do we act in the face of tragedy? Laughter and tears found their way into the days, mingling together at times. She looked into his eyes and saw a shattered heart. Existence seemed to grind to a halt. She was mystified, unsure of many things but certain of His presence in that dimly lit room. It was enough to just keep breathing.

She fell asleep among perfect strangers. The sounds of the airport slowly faded as she leaned back into the deep leather chair. She felt contained in her hazy little world. A long journey was ahead of her. She didn't want to leave, but she knew she had to go. He never left her side. It was enough to just keep breathing.

She couldn't see the world the same anymore.

to be continued


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Rachel, I wasn't sure how to get back with you so I thought a good 'ole response here might work out. I'd be thrilled to work with you guys if you can use my services. Why don't you email me and let me know what sort of stuff you've got in mind! Thanks for thinking of me! - Andrew :)

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