Friday, March 09, 2007

Dying Breaths

Something I wrote* last semester and finished tonight...

It all comes down to numbers
A life in the balance
Sustained by the hands of man
[Or is it?]

What number must approach
Before we can decide
Is it about what he can take
Or we ourselves can bear?

Could we ever be convinced
That a number will suffice
As reason enough to let him go
Something happens deep inside
That makes us now believe

It’s time

Time is more than numbers
It’s defined us all along

It’s time

Parting ways is such sweet sorrow
We’ll find a reason to hold on

It’s time

Nothing we do can stop the tide
From this day forward, we change

It’s time

*disclaimer: in case you're wondering, it's one of those "not exactly from personal experience" pieces...

Friday, March 02, 2007


The days are starting to blur together, and that scares me a little bit. Life has been so fast paced lately, but somehow God has helped me find time to enjoy myself in the midst of it. But still...I find myself wishing I just had one more summer to enjoy between years of school, not having to worry about anything except getting books for my classes in the fall and working at a camp located in paradise...

At the same time, I'm really ready to be done with school. To launch into a new chapter of my life. I've been in this place before...where I'm equally nostalgic and looking forward. It's a season of introspection and movement. I never thought those two things went together. I remember the words He spoke to me not so long ago...

You will always be linked to something, Rachel.

I carry a small metal link on my keychain to remind that I need to be linked to matter how far or wide that may take me. I vividly remember rubbing my thumb over that link as I've made many-a long drive from place to place with half my life packed into my tiny Ford Escort (Izzy's such a good little car.) This is not the easiest place I've been in, not by any means. I cannot deny His everlasting arms holding me up, keeping me steady in the midst of battle and joyful in the midst of fire and trial. I don't know where I'll come out from all of this flurry of activity, but wherever it is...I'll be safely home.

Grace abounds.