Friday, March 02, 2007


The days are starting to blur together, and that scares me a little bit. Life has been so fast paced lately, but somehow God has helped me find time to enjoy myself in the midst of it. But still...I find myself wishing I just had one more summer to enjoy between years of school, not having to worry about anything except getting books for my classes in the fall and working at a camp located in paradise...

At the same time, I'm really ready to be done with school. To launch into a new chapter of my life. I've been in this place before...where I'm equally nostalgic and looking forward. It's a season of introspection and movement. I never thought those two things went together. I remember the words He spoke to me not so long ago...

You will always be linked to something, Rachel.

I carry a small metal link on my keychain to remind that I need to be linked to matter how far or wide that may take me. I vividly remember rubbing my thumb over that link as I've made many-a long drive from place to place with half my life packed into my tiny Ford Escort (Izzy's such a good little car.) This is not the easiest place I've been in, not by any means. I cannot deny His everlasting arms holding me up, keeping me steady in the midst of battle and joyful in the midst of fire and trial. I don't know where I'll come out from all of this flurry of activity, but wherever it is...I'll be safely home.

Grace abounds.


Blogger John C said...

i know you are going to do great things, and ive always known that.
much love cuz.

1:17 AM  

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