Saturday, May 05, 2007


I graduated from college today. Turned my tassle. Packed my room. And drove away. Here I sit in the hotel with my family, and the reality of all this is setting in even more deeply. One chapter closes and another opens...but the problem is, I can't read ahead. I've tried that. It really doesn't work. At all.

And my lesson is this: becoming comfortable with the unknown...and the Knower. I am connected to a God that knows all, including the desires of my heart and the 3.4 million questions I seem to ask Him each day. It's in my nature to ask questions. I'm a journalist. A writer. An intuitive person. I thrive on understanding. And despite my deep-rooted desire simply just to know when it comes to what will happen in this next chapter...I trust God in the face of the unknown. All that really matters is knowing in my striving to know something, I seek to know Him. Not my answers. Not His plans. Just Him.

It's a liberating concept, really. One that causes the rest of the pieces of this puzzling existence we call humanity to fall into place. I recommend it. Not that I'm perfect in this, because I am very much a work in progress. But every unexpected turn on this journey reminds me that I serve a God of adventure. And I'm so very grateful to be caught up in this beautiful, epic, timeless story of redemption, purpose, grace and love.

From here on out...I'm with Him.



Blogger Timothy Putnam said...

I'm incredibly proud of you! Both for your graduation achievement, and for the difficult lesson learned.

Keep on knowing the Knower.

9:44 AM  
Blogger cotysloan said...

CONGRATULATIONS MY FRIEND!!! I'm so excited for you. That's so exciting. So are you "home" yet?

5:36 AM  
Blogger Joshua Olsen said...

God spoke to me last night and told me you're supposed to move to Seattle and become a part of Tapestry. He said he keeps telling you, but you're being difficult :):)

12:03 PM  

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