Thursday, September 27, 2007

Here's to the Journey

Truth is a man, a cross and a movement


All that matters in my life
Is to see my reflection in Your eyes
So I raise my glass, my heart now burning
Here's to the mystery, and here's to the journey


I miss sitting on the beach and watching the waves wash into shore. I miss hearing the sound of my niece laughing as she runs. I miss my nephew snuggling up next to me with a bowl of popcorn and his blanky and watching Nemo for the 20th time. I miss sitting around the campfire with my parents and family in our back yard. I miss taking naps with my dog. In not so many words...I miss the only real home I've ever known.

Now, 2 months into my career and on the verge of getting my own apartment, I find myself calling Tulsa home. I've been living with family friends for these few months, getting my feet on the ground and settling into my job as a full time writer. I love my job. I love the community I am part of here. I feel like my lease on life is fresh, even though I have been in and out of Tulsa for 3 years earning my Bachelor's degree and enjoying the on-campus college life.

And I find myself deeply changed, even from the time I turned the tassle on my graduation cap and left Tulsa. It was a golden summer at home in Michigan, almost surreal in its total experience. I got to do many of the things I may not have a chance to do again. I worked at my camp and basked in its beauty and community. I saw the people I loved. I (finally) repainted my room. I watched many-a sunset and took a lot of photos. And most of all, I was able to take time I needed to heal and come around from a lot of things, and to let myself breathe and really enjoy where I was. And then I left it all behind, took a road trip east, then south, then west. Now here I the midst of "the rest of my life."

I've had life hit me like a ton of bricks...between a crazy Tulsa driver totaling my car, dealing with sketchy insurance agents, buying a new car, filing for health and dental insurance and taxes, working out finances, applying for apartments and working full time...I've learned a lot of lessons. And there are so many more to come. I realize more each day how desperately human I am. I'm learning to find God's rhythm for my life. And to think, I hardly scratch the surface on the dreams He has for me.

Here's the mystery, and here's to the journey.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A tribute

Yesterday I celebrated the day my niece entered this world. Today I note somberly the passing away of a truly remarkable man: Rich Mullins. In the words of Jason Boyett:

"He was a quiet, humble prophet in a culture of screaming TV preachers and Christian musicians wearing glittery jumpsuits."

Well said, Jason. You can read more at the link below. (Please do.)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

One year ago today...

My beautiful niece was born 365 days ago. She's the sweetest kid, and I miss her terribly. She just learned to walk...right in time for the big 1.0!

Happy birthday, Hannah Banana. You're the best.

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Monday, September 10, 2007

Dear Monday

Dear Monday,

You thought you could throw me by turning my alarm off and then laughing as I woke up 3 minutes after my usual leaving time. I heard you giggle and duck around the corner to hide from me. I want to take this opportunity to tell you that I'm not amused. Not in the least. In fact, you only fueled my motivation to tackle you head on.

You thought you could overwhelm me with sleepiness and yet another day of pouring rain. Kenya Starbucks brew and some good music came to the rescue. I'm on my way and powering through assignments. And there's a whole pot of coffee waiting if I need further reinforcements. Take that!

You laughed when I spilled said coffee on my cream colored dress pants. But alas, you cannot daunt me. You have too quickly forgotten my bag of tricks. Enter Tide-to-Go stain remover stick. You can't even tell I had a hole-in-lip moment. What else will you try?

You think it hilarious to make my wireless keyboard batteries begin to fade so that my keys are unresponsive or sticky, resulting in superfluous repetition of random letters and spaces. I'm laughing inside, really. But you forget too quickly that I have rechargeable batteries on hand. You have met your match once again.

So here's to you, dearest Monday. You can't bring me down. I'm determined to have a good day...come missed alarms, rain, fatigue, coffee spills and spastic keyboards. You will not prevail.

Love always,

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


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I saw geese flying south today. They passed my window, gliding by for a few serene moments. I never thought of geese as graceful until that very moment. Their instinct drew them away from this place. September is young and the summer grows old. A storm looms in the distance, ushering in the tempestuous Oklahoma fall. And somehow they knew…it was time to go. I am mystified at their airborne retreat. Perhaps a little jealous.

They are free. They fly where the wind takes them, side by side with their family. They understand the value of staying together. They may not be the most intelligent creatures, but the fact that my Creator designed them tells me there is meaning to be found. Something as seemingly insignificant as an awkward looking bird with a long black neck that makes a peculiar honk…can change my view on life all together.

What a mystery this universe is.