Monday, September 10, 2007

Dear Monday

Dear Monday,

You thought you could throw me by turning my alarm off and then laughing as I woke up 3 minutes after my usual leaving time. I heard you giggle and duck around the corner to hide from me. I want to take this opportunity to tell you that I'm not amused. Not in the least. In fact, you only fueled my motivation to tackle you head on.

You thought you could overwhelm me with sleepiness and yet another day of pouring rain. Kenya Starbucks brew and some good music came to the rescue. I'm on my way and powering through assignments. And there's a whole pot of coffee waiting if I need further reinforcements. Take that!

You laughed when I spilled said coffee on my cream colored dress pants. But alas, you cannot daunt me. You have too quickly forgotten my bag of tricks. Enter Tide-to-Go stain remover stick. You can't even tell I had a hole-in-lip moment. What else will you try?

You think it hilarious to make my wireless keyboard batteries begin to fade so that my keys are unresponsive or sticky, resulting in superfluous repetition of random letters and spaces. I'm laughing inside, really. But you forget too quickly that I have rechargeable batteries on hand. You have met your match once again.

So here's to you, dearest Monday. You can't bring me down. I'm determined to have a good day...come missed alarms, rain, fatigue, coffee spills and spastic keyboards. You will not prevail.

Love always,


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