Thursday, September 27, 2007

Here's to the Journey

Truth is a man, a cross and a movement


All that matters in my life
Is to see my reflection in Your eyes
So I raise my glass, my heart now burning
Here's to the mystery, and here's to the journey


I miss sitting on the beach and watching the waves wash into shore. I miss hearing the sound of my niece laughing as she runs. I miss my nephew snuggling up next to me with a bowl of popcorn and his blanky and watching Nemo for the 20th time. I miss sitting around the campfire with my parents and family in our back yard. I miss taking naps with my dog. In not so many words...I miss the only real home I've ever known.

Now, 2 months into my career and on the verge of getting my own apartment, I find myself calling Tulsa home. I've been living with family friends for these few months, getting my feet on the ground and settling into my job as a full time writer. I love my job. I love the community I am part of here. I feel like my lease on life is fresh, even though I have been in and out of Tulsa for 3 years earning my Bachelor's degree and enjoying the on-campus college life.

And I find myself deeply changed, even from the time I turned the tassle on my graduation cap and left Tulsa. It was a golden summer at home in Michigan, almost surreal in its total experience. I got to do many of the things I may not have a chance to do again. I worked at my camp and basked in its beauty and community. I saw the people I loved. I (finally) repainted my room. I watched many-a sunset and took a lot of photos. And most of all, I was able to take time I needed to heal and come around from a lot of things, and to let myself breathe and really enjoy where I was. And then I left it all behind, took a road trip east, then south, then west. Now here I the midst of "the rest of my life."

I've had life hit me like a ton of bricks...between a crazy Tulsa driver totaling my car, dealing with sketchy insurance agents, buying a new car, filing for health and dental insurance and taxes, working out finances, applying for apartments and working full time...I've learned a lot of lessons. And there are so many more to come. I realize more each day how desperately human I am. I'm learning to find God's rhythm for my life. And to think, I hardly scratch the surface on the dreams He has for me.

Here's the mystery, and here's to the journey.


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