Tuesday, September 04, 2007


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I saw geese flying south today. They passed my window, gliding by for a few serene moments. I never thought of geese as graceful until that very moment. Their instinct drew them away from this place. September is young and the summer grows old. A storm looms in the distance, ushering in the tempestuous Oklahoma fall. And somehow they knew…it was time to go. I am mystified at their airborne retreat. Perhaps a little jealous.

They are free. They fly where the wind takes them, side by side with their family. They understand the value of staying together. They may not be the most intelligent creatures, but the fact that my Creator designed them tells me there is meaning to be found. Something as seemingly insignificant as an awkward looking bird with a long black neck that makes a peculiar honk…can change my view on life all together.

What a mystery this universe is.


Blogger Joshua Olsen said...

I still love to read your thoughts. I see pictures when your write :)

2:46 AM  

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