Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The American Way

Why do you so many Americans act and speak before they think? They feel so at liberty to comment on anything and everything, even those things they know little or absolutely nothing about. [I am often guilty as charged, mind you, but I usually try to at least think things out before I make a statement.]

What really gets to me is people who say ridiculous things in response to a situation that has been largely hurtful and difficult for my own community and people I both love and respect. Asinine comments are one of my biggest pet peeves, especially in times like these. Some people just need to shut up and deal with the fact that they have no clue what's going on here.

Those of you that know me well also know that it takes quite a bit to get a rise out of me. At this point, I am entirely sick of people attacking my community. Things are imperfect around here, there's no doubt about it. I have a feeling many mistakes on the part of our university officials will be revealed. But justice will prevail with or without some idiotic commentary from people that don't know us. I may not like what has happened, but at least I have enough sense to fight for my community and for what I believe in. I love my alma mater. I love the people it represents. I am passionate about its mission. And I have had the privilege to be a witness to that very mission being fulfilled in ways many people will never realize. A large part of my job is retelling the story of the many, many alumni that have made a tremendous impact in the world for God, and their stories started in the confines of this campus.

So many are quick to point a finger at someone else's failure, but don't realize that they are just as worthy of public humiliation, hosted by our horribly pervasive media that's anything but objective these days. I can't stand what they've made this into and how they spin things.

You may find it ironic that I criticize the media since it is my field, but I suppose when you think of a career as working for a man or an organization, you're bound to bitterly disagree with their practices.

None of what I do is for a man. It's for God and for the Kingdom. My first and foremost allegiance is to Him, and He's telling me we need to learn a lesson in grace and humility.


Blogger tmamone said...

I've been thinking about what you said. You've got a good point. Any institution that's accused of mishandling money is bad enough, but religious and political organizations do seem to get more attention. It's probably because, unfortunately, neither get a good rep. So when trouble brews, no mercy is shown. But you've made a good point. Innocent until proven guilty, you know.

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