Thursday, November 29, 2007


It's at my doorstep, knocking gently but constantly, until I let it in. It refuses to relent, persisting despite the elements. Warmth. Sun. Cold. Rain. Even the wind won't drive it away. Nearly each day I pass by and something inside me pauses, frozen in some sort of fear, entirely unsure of what do about it. Why couldn't I face this long ago?

It's time.

It's in my living room, laughing and sipping a cup of tea. Was it always so familiar? It seems we are old friends. And every day it takes more space, spreading to the corners of my ceiling and the cracks in the mantle. Silently it envelops me, and I try to hold my breath.

I cannot prevent the inevitable.

It's in my lungs. My heart. My being. It seeps into my soul. With wide eyes and shaky hands, I reach out for more. I don't know what it looks like to truly be at home right now, but somehow I know I am drawing closer. Yes, I am drawn in. Held. And now I learn to return the embrace.

Is the chase really over? Or will I run again?


Blogger *The Blogstar said...

hey, i'm sure your homies at RM know this, but Rob Hill is supposed to be Rob Bell (pastor of M H B C).

Brody told me he emailed them too.

I told them I want to be a part of the mustache club, and sent them a picture. haha


4:08 PM  

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