Thursday, November 15, 2007

When I was a kid, Christmas was actually legit...

As we all know by now, saying "Christmas" isn't politically correct. But this is just too much. At least it's in Australia, but it'll be no time until it circulates to America, I'm sure. And since when is Santa on a diet?

Not that the latter two things really help or hinder what Christmas is about (of course, including Christ in Christmas is vital), but cut Santa some slack! The jolly old fellow probably doesn't even have a day job aside from sitting in malls and standing on street corners. Far be it from us to stop him.

It's a good thing Rev. Billy is out to save Christmas and avert the Shopocalypse!

[HT: Chad...naturally.]


Blogger tmamone said...

And I thought the whole "Christmas vs. holiday" debate was overblown and silly!

This year I hope we all take Mr. Hankey's advice and say, "Aw the heck with it, it's Christmas!"

8:55 AM  

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