Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Fire Breathers and Balance

I am currently transcribing an interview I had with a guy who is a fast-talking, fire-breathing visionary. Just fifteen minutes of the conversation has taken me about 30+ minutes to transcribe, considering I have to stop, track back and listen to something a few times before I can catch all of what he said. Listening to him makes me wonder if I could speak with such passion...perhaps the same passion with which I write.

And herein lay my challenge: how can I describe a movement, a community, a revolution, that is driven by God and terms that make sense to those who may not believe in it? There isn't a way to decode the Christianese surrounding it without doing an injustice to its true meaning. It's the age-old issue of explaining the mysteries of God and the foolishness of the Cross to those who are not in relationship with Jesus.

I like to find balance in everything and work it into the stories I write about others. But this time around, it's proving to be a bit more difficult. I try to get these guys to come down to the earth and explain things, but then I realize there is nothing earthly about what's happening. It's about a collision of Heaven with earth, and the things that consequently ensue.


I apologize if this seems pointless, but I'm mostly just taking a break from transcribing and working out my mind boggling moments during this project. And I also apologize for the ambiguity about what I'm actually working on, but I don't think it's time really that important to talk much about it anyhow.

And all apologies aside...I'm done now. :)

Merry New Year, friends/fellow bloggers/readers/lurkers/strangers.


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