Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Compassion Bloggers

Ragamuffin Soul in Uganda

A few of my blog-rollers are over in Uganda with Compassion International right now. The graphic above is specific to Los' blog. In total, 15 well-known Christians bloggers are spending the next several days there, recounting their stories via their blogs and video entries.

The goal: to save kids' lives.

I would not promote something here in this little space if I did not think it was absolutely worthwhile. This is one of those efforts that needs to be noted. There are countless kids out there just waiting for someone to sponsor them. And now some of their stories are being told by these remarkable people. To see a full listing of the bloggers, links to their pages and more information about Compassion and its sponsorship opportunities, you can visit here. It is a very worthy cause, and something I hope to be more involved with someday.

Thanks for listening. =)


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