Saturday, February 23, 2008


As I was transcribing the recording from a luncheon I covered this week, I heard the speaker say that making a list of what you're thankful for can help you with creativity, bring encouragement and, if anything, apply the right perspective to your life. I could use all of those things, so I took a moment to think it over. Here goes: 

I am thankful for…

-God’s grace, righteousness, love, correction, faithfulness…and so much more
-a college degree of which I can be proud
-no debt to anyone but my parents (and knowing it was worth it)
-a good job that I enjoy
-a safe, cozy place to live
-a beautiful little Ugandan girl named Christine
-a quiet place to play my keyboard and write 
-a car that runs well (and the money to fix it when it doesn’t)
-my new Macbook (a story in itself)
-23 years of a blessed and full life, and hopefully many more ahead
-community and friends who really, really love Jesus
-a new season to which I can look forward
-parents and family who support me when life hits me all at once
-a family that loves me unconditionally
-a family that tells me things I need to hear, even when it hurts 
-a family that fights for me
-the opportunity to write about things that matter 
-always having enough (and often more than enough) 
-the opportunity to be responsible and grow in stewardship
-being able to buy things for others (lunch, a gift, a chai, things like that)
-a wonderful church family 
-my two best friends living within a few miles of me, and being part of each others’ journeys 
-the lessons I am continually learning as I live life beyond undergrad 


So tell me...what are you thankful for?


Blogger dale arends said...

I’m thankful for God’s lessons. Most of the time I hate them but they always bring me closer in relationship with Him. He uses the quiet, content times, he uses the hardships, he uses caresses and sometimes he uses a brick to the head (It’s OK I’m very thick headed). Lately he’s been using the words and deeds of others to prove that I’m not alone and am not allowed to do “life” on my own.

I’m thankful for the journey. I hope someday to see where he’s leading but I’m also learning the contentment in just cinching up the backpack and following. It’s a hard, uphill hike but the scenery has been worth it!

I’m thankful for God’s love proved everyday through my wife and children, through the written word and through the people and things that inspire me to go deeper, write about what I find (even if what I find is only edifying to myself) and appreciate his mystery all the more.

Those are just a few of the things I’m thankful for.

Thank you for being one of those writers that inspire.

In Christ,

5:14 PM  
Blogger cool mum said...

I'm thankful now for friends I've been able to keep in touch with over the years. It's inspiring to see what people are doing now and it challenges me to pursue God in my day to day life, because what you do every day is what you are doing with your life, right?

I'm also thankful that Cool Baby and I survived my pregnancy. I don't know how we both lived off of a diet of fritos, chocolate milk, and bean burritos for a month there.

2:47 PM  

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