Tuesday, March 11, 2008

For the love of palindromes...


After logging into my dashboard today, I realized that this marks post number 101 for me. That may seem like a small number to some bloggers more savvy than I, but I am proud of my little achievement. =)

In honor of this monumental post (and the number 101 itself, since it is a lovely palindrome)...I have some fun palindromes to share. And yes, I am fully aware that putting the words "fun" and "palindrome" in the same sentence qualifies me as a nerd. What can I say? I love words and language.

Some popular ones:
-Madam, I'm Adam.
-Poor Dan is in a droop.

Some lesser known ones:
-Draw, O coward!

-Live not on evil.
-Rise to vote, sir.

And my some of my personal favorites:
-Do geese see God?
-Won't lovers revolt now?
-Yo, banana boy!

Well now, wasn't that fun? I thought so, at least.

Anything to add?


Blogger cool dad said...

Palindromes are fun. I don't remember too many of them. How about

Hi, I'm Iih.

i guess that's sort of cheating

2:10 PM  
Blogger dale arends said...

My history teacher's favorite-
A man a plan a canal Panama

My pastor's least favorite-
We panic in a pew

My daschunds favorite-
Step on no pets

One I see at work-
Nurses run

Now I've got the "They Might Be Giants" song about Palindromes stuck in my head...


12:48 AM  

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