Tuesday, May 27, 2008

From the Storm [part 2]


It danced high above the wide open country side, performing a silent symphony of light and movement. All I could hear was the wind rushing through my window and the thoughts inside my head as I drove.

It spread out from cloud to cloud, stretching its arms and reaching its long fingertips for miles at a time. The eerie absence of thunder intrigued me all the more.

How is that Your creation continually astounds me?

My eyes were tired and my stomach was mostly empty. But my heart...and something even more deeply inside me...was keenly aware. Something was changing. Shifting. Learning. Growing. All at once, I came to the terrifying realization that I really do not know what lay ahead.

And I found myself overtaken by peace that only my Father can bring. He eased my heart that aches for home and family. He quieted the questions I had for Him. He wrapped His fingers even more tightly...gently...around my heart. He let me know that He is here, and that He not only will be heard, but hears me as well.

I don't know where it is that You begin and I end. All I know is that You're here and that You're near. You're so near to me.


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