Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Myanmar Relief Trip

A team of Christian doctors/medical professionals are heading to Myanmar this Friday. They are being led by Dr. Mitch Duininck, who I interviewed for a story a while back. He is an amazing man of God and has gone on and led disaster relief trips before.

I know that many of you must be wondering how best to help with the horrendous situation in Myanmar (it's getting worse by the day and aid is desperately needed), and it's clear that the militant government of Myanmar is not cooperating with aid agencies very well at this point. Dr. Duininck and his team of 14 will be bringing medical help, portable water purifiers that they will leave behind for refugees to use and the Gospel of Christ to these people.

If you're looking for a way to give, where the money will go into good hands and be put to the best possible use, then I am urging you to get involved with this team. Their visas should be approved today (Wednesday). You can read more about their trip here (it has directions on how to give at the bottom):

If anything, I'm asking you all to pray. Pray that they have favor getting into the country, ministering to people, and also that they will be kept safe in very risky and uncontrolled circumstances and a hostile nation. I personally find it a struggle to know where to begin when praying for disasters as widespread as ones in Myanmar and also in China...but I truly believe this is one of the many opportunities that will arise to help. God is faithful.

Thanks for reading, guys.

Grace and peace.


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