Wednesday, October 15, 2008





Lately I find myself on a creative streak. I told a friend that I seem to hit a stride, and then it all comes pouring out of me. Music. Photography. Writing. Artwork. Even cooking and decorating. The changing of seasons and the cooler weather inspires me. Either that, or Starbucks is putting something in their pumpkin spice lattes...

This creativity has its pros and cons. Part of me wants to skip town and do life over the pond somewhere for a while. To expand and grow in an area that is entirely new and challenging to me. Then there is the part of me that loves where I am. I am content, but not comfortable.

I was out for a walk the other night and the moon was full. I was taken aback at how brightly it lit the place where I usually sit for a while to think and pray. There were a few enormous, low hanging clouds moving quickly across the otherwise clear sky. I laid back on the ground and watched as they raced north. I was fascinated. Overwhelmed. Humbled.

I...have nothing to do...with that.

As I stared at the sky, something suddenly became very clear to me.

I am small. And that is good.

It is good to be reminded just how small I am, and how much I rely on God to keep the universe spinning and my world in order. I try too hard to do that myself most days. I am learning that His grace and discipline go hand in hand.



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