Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Sacred Spaces


[KC Boiler Room community, second floor]


I spent the weekend driving with some dear friends to a few different Boiler Room communities around the midwest. It was an incredible, eye-opening experience. In the process, I managed to surprise my family with a visit to Michigan. My grandma has been in the hospital for a few months recovering from a broken femur (and the consequential discovery of + angioplasty due to a nearly entirely blocked artery in her heart). She has been through so much...and the look on her face when I walked in was priceless! It was a joy to see my family...and to acquire some new family members during our "pilgrimage" this weekend. I fell in love with the people and places we met. I got a healthy dose of fall foliage, stunning sunsets, sunrises and starry nights, lively conversations, the open road, good music and coffee and endless photo ops.

It is a bit too much to put into words at this point...but some of the revelation and inspiration that came along with the weekend will more than likely come out in my writing as we all process and reflect.



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